Sony EZWT100 S-AIR Signal Transmitter - Black
From Sony

Optimize your S-AIR ready BRAVIA Home Theater system with the EZW-T100 transmitter. This wireless card uses S-AIR technology and allows 8 channels of LPCM (CD quality) audio to be sent from your home theater's main unit to a wireless surround speaker kit or to a wireless multi-room speaker system.
Amazon Sales Rank: #1127 in Consumer Electronics Color: Black Brand: Sony Model: EZWT100 Dimensions: 2.00" h x 5.00" w x 7.00" l, .25 pounds

Very Expensive Device That Could Interfere WiFi Signals I thought S-AIR(tm) Digital Wireless technology is one of the best features in Home Theater System but I was dissapointed when there's an interference with other wireless devices. When I turned on my home theater system with this transmitter, I was unable to connect to the internet. My other neighbors also had problems connecting to their router. Sony should test all S-AIR Wireless devices first before selling them. The EZW-T100 does not replace the EZW-RT10 Last year we purchased the Sony DAV-HDX576WF Home theater system with the TA-SA100WR wireless rear speaker amp and AIR-SA10 wireless speaker system. Incredible unit!! However they all came with the EZW-RT10 transmitter. I recently purchased 2 more AIR-SA10 units without the transmitters. Sony's website claims the new T100 cards are compatible with the SA10 units, however they are not!! Apparently when Sony upgraded the AIR-SA10s to accommodate the new transmitter, they didn't bother to change the model number. Bottom line: This transmitter will not fit into a unit originally designed for the EZW-RT10 transmitter. Check your S-Air system carefully before purchasing. What? So I bought a STR DH-800 receiver to go along with my 55" XBR, PS3 and thought what a neat idea to have the SA-10 along with it. So I bought the SA-10 after asking the sales guy if it had the transmitter for the receiver as well................that was a mistake as he told me it did but yet it didn't, well still thinking this was a neat idea but a little upset with Sony nickel and diming me I bought this transmitter for my receiver as it stated in the manual this is what I needed. Well I have messed with, been on the phone for hours with Sony and still can't make the two units work together. We tried everything right down to shuting down my wifi, phne system etc. All in all why I am giving this a bad review is this is a crappy set up. In this day and age of blue tooths etc being so easy to connect and use, why is this system so darn tough to get right? I had read the reviews on the SA10 but I wish I had read the reviews on the transmitter as well. This is a boogus system that is far over complicated for the technology that exists in this day and age. Sony, with other companies making simular systems that are very easy to set up why can't you do the same? Signed Sony user for many years rethinking all of my Sony purchases............................

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